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Topic: Working for No Pay
In the filmmaking and video production industry it is commonplace to find people taking on jobs without a wage to get a foot in the door, get experience, and snatch the gig from others. It’s a competitive industry, but is working for no pay morally right? Is it even legal?

Topic Questions:
How do you feel about unpaid work?
Have you done unpaid work in the past? What’s your experience.
What are the benefits to unpaid work? When should you do it?
What are the laws surrounding working for free?
What about passion projects? Should people be paid for creative endeavours?

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
A troubled child summons the courage to help a friendly alien escape Earth and return to his home world.

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2 Thoughts on “001 E.T & Working For No Pay”

  • Oh my gosh, loved this podcast so so much! I think I can pretty much say it is now my favourite podcast! Which speaks an awful lot.
    Would love to hear about
    – Ultra-low budget films
    – Producing: Is it ok to be both director and producer if not who/how should you find the right person for the job
    – Would love to hear to talk about the not very well known, yet really really good film; ‘The Selfish Giant’ Wiki Link:

    Thanks so much, I think I’m going to binge listen to the rest (:
    Oh actually one last thing, I’ve been having difficulty with downloading any not to sure what it is but seems tricky.


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