This week we talk about the YouTube channels that have made us better filmmakers.

Here is all the channels we spoke about in order:

Variety Shows

Film Riot:
Indy Mogul:
Cinematography Database:

Kit Reviews & DIY Hacks:

Dave Dugdale:
Philip Bloom:
DSLR Video Shooter:
DIY Perks:
The Basic Filmmaker:

Visual Effects & Post Production:

Hit Film:
Mike Russell:
Video Copilot:


Film Courage:
The Hollywood Reporter:

Video Essays & Film Theory:

Channel Criswell:
Every Frame a Painting:
Must See Films:
Filmmaker IQ:
DSLR Guide:
Kaptain Kristian:
Lessons From The Screenplay:
The Nerd Writer:
Now You See It:
The Art of Photography:
No Film School:

Comment Suggestions:

Left Coast Visuals:
RJ Film School:
Yulin Kuang: